Todo sobre Río

Things you didn’t know about Río Secreto

Each visit will be unique

It does not matter if it is your first, second or third time within our nature reserve, as we have several routes, each with impressive underground landscapes and beautiful geological formations, you will surely be impressed by each tour and without a doubt your visit will be so unique, that will be captured in your memory.

100% Mexican company

Río Secreto is 100% Mexican, as it is not only located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, in Quintana Roo, but also, those who discovered it, its suppliers, managers and most of its staff, are also, making it a company proud to be Mexican.

We are a great community

We are already more than 200 staff members! And some of them come from surrounding communities, whether from Quintana Roo, Campeche or Yucatan; some more, come from Mayan communities and throughout these 10 years, they have taught and enriched us with their traditions, gastronomy and language.

Activities for all tastes

Our activities vary according to the level of difficulty that each family wants to experience.

Río Secreto Regular is a tour for the whole family, where for an hour and a half, they will visit an underground cave of thousands of years.

Río Secreto Plus is for families who want to add a little more action to the tour, because in addition to what the Regular ticket already includes, it has abseiling, bicycle and a projection of lights into a dry cave that we call "Hall of peace".

Río Secreto Wild, is our new product; ideal for people with excellent physical condition and an adventurous spirit. The tour begins with a bike ride in the middle of the jungle, followed by a walk inside a dry cave and swimming in an underground river. Unlike the first two, this is an all day activity.


We have an ancient enclosure

Our Peace Room is a cave, which unlike the rest of the system, has the peculiarity that it is dry. But what makes it so special is its impressive beauty and dimensions, which has made it possible to carry out unique events, below Earth. This incredible cave has witnessed weddings, concerts, musical performances, among many others. Without a doubt, a unique space in the Riviera Maya and the world, where you can celebrate your event.

Rain is not an obstacle

Don't let the rain ruin your stay in the Riviera Maya! Our facilities are in the middle of the jungle, in a natural environment and our tour works under any type of weather, as it does not rain under the ground. Enjoy the cave at its best and more alive than ever!

We are a research point

National Geographic chose us as a filming and research site, during its series "Mysteries of the Underworld", because, among other projects, we studied the formations within the system, to know how the climate has changed over the years, and therefore, the cave. In this way, we prevent their behavior and identify the best way to preserve the ecosystem.

Species Study Program

Río Secreto, in addition to being a semi-flooded cave system, is a nature reserve, inhabited by a wide variety of wildlife.

Thanks to our fauna monitoring program, it has been possible to identify many of these species, among which are: coati, raccoon, toh bird, jaguar, blind fish, tigrillo, owl, among others.

We preserve a variety of treasures

Inside the cave you will find vaults made up of endless formations, which have a different behavior, since their growth, appearance and color are not the same as any other. There are stalactites, which grow from top to bottom, and stalagmites, which grow in opposite ways. There are others, which grow sideways, called helictites and pisolites, similar to pearls, but larger.

Did you know how Río Secreto was discovered?

Ten years ago, a peasant from the area was chasing an iguana to hunt it. Just when he was about to catch it, it disappeared under a stone and when he moved it, the man discovered and was amazed by an underground paradise that his eyes could not believe.

Thanks to this elusive iguana, today it is possible to visit this nature reserve and appreciate it for yourself.

Río Secreto

Reserva Natural es un sistema de cuevas semi-inundadas, un río subterráneo de extraordinaria belleza.

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